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You can used to be able to buy Maureen O'Brien's books online at the online bookstore "The Bookplace".

The Book Place Ltd formed in 2003 as a joint initiative with Ehaus (formerly part of Nielsen Book Data) selling direct to customers and acting as the fulfilment service for Time Warner, Conran Octopus, Hamlyn, Mitchell Beazley and Philips Maps websites ... since which time they were bought by Foyles in 2005. … Added 15-Jul-2008

A hectic fortnight of book events …

"First a launch at Book in Bar, the English bookshop in Aix en Provence, a reading and then a discussion and signing and aperitifs that went on and on and only closed because the poor exhausted owner had to go home".

"Met some extraordinary people with contacts in the local English and American inhabitants of Provence – a huge number, with a radio station and website called Ex-pats with coverage nationwide. A very nice young woman called Amanda Yde-Poulson is going to interview me on Saturday for the radio station. And a poet called Marcus Faber has contacted local newspapers such as Riviera Reporter – a whole underworld one never knew existed. The excitement about Les Fleurs has alerted attention to my other books – in English of course – which is a very good thing. In May there's going to be a book group event where 40 people – I'm told – will have read my book(s) and I will, I suppose, read a bit and talk a bit and be questioned. A jolly good thing as all of them will have bought a copy and read it"!

"Interviewed also that evening by an amazing guy Jean Remi Barland who works for four newspapers including Livres the book supplement of Le Monde. He was absolutely boulevérsé by the book and has given it a wonderful review in La Provence (very influential paper in these parts, read by everyone)".

"Another excellent review on a website Polar de Femme, Forcalquier where I am in very good company indeed".

"We had a launch party at the office of HB in Forcalquier (a few houses from ours) which was packed out twice – one lot came for tea (English book, you see!) and biccies and then another contingent arrived for the aperitifs which were whisky (DI John Bright's favourite drink) and very nice bits and pieces. A lot of noise and very nice people and I signed and sold lots of books".

"Then a signing at the Carline Bookshop which was not well advertised. Only a few people even entered the bookshop and I sold very few books".

"But this was more than compensated for by the triumphant launch at the Bistro du Pays in Pierrerue (a village close by) which was packed to the rafters, standing room only".

"The launch was introduced by Cecile Gardiol, a person of phenomenal energy and charm who created Apérilivres (a Forcalquier book and aperitif festival that last year specialised in the Polar (roman policier or crime novel as I'm sure you know!)) and this year will specialise in Travel or Sense of Place. (A few of my books will fit there too as they take place in part in Denmark, Hong Kong, the Jura in France, as well as London and the west of England.)"

"Cecile prompted me to talk and I gradually grew more confident and stopped worrying about my mistakes in French and I think a sort of magic happened as it can on these occasions. Everyone was excited and full of good will and the book sold like hot cakes. In fact my publisher actually ran out of books. (!!!???) "We didn't expect so many people," he said. I hope an important lesson has been learned: Don't set limits. Or if you do, set 'em high".

"And today I learned that the book has been shortlisted for the Cognac International Prix de Polar. I'm thrilled".

"What is extraordinary is the intelligence and articulacy with which the French talk about the book. They are particularly excited by the dialogue, the way it expresses character and also moves the story on. They are impressed by the depth of characterisation and the power of the relationships. And what they really appreciate is that the policier form is a kind of pretext for the real investigation which is the peeling away of the layers of deception and the secrets of the personalities to reveal the psychological truth. It's refreshing to be so much appreciated and to be taken so seriously as a writer" … Added 5-Apr-2006

BOOK SIGNING Saturday 14th February January, 2006

O'Brien will be signing books at 10th Planet, Vicarage Field, Barking on Saturday 14th February January from 11am to 3pm. All welcome, see the Tenth Planet website for further information. … Added 20-Feb-2005

BOOK SIGNING 12th-13th November, 2005

A booksigning will be accompanied with an on-stage interview plus a small discussion group – a "coffee hour", autograph signings and other delights at a weekend event created by Tenth Planet. People from the new and the old series of Dr Who will take part including Peter Davison, Annette Badland, Martha Cope and O'Brien! Hundreds have already booked ... see the Tenth Planet website for further information.

Venue: Tenth Planet Tenth Planet Dimensions at the Swallow Hotel, Johnny Walker Square, Stockton on Tees.

Every Step You Take OUT NOW in PAPERBACK! … Added 14-Nov-2005


O'Brien will be signing her books in the English bookshop Book-in-Bar in Montpelier, France on Saturday 15th October 2005 between 11 to 12am and 2 to 3pm. Address: Book in Bar, 8 rue du Bras de Fer, 3400 Montpelier, France. Telephone: +33 (0)4 67 66 22 90. Contact: Raphaelle.


Every Step You Take was launched at the PAN Bookshop in Fulham Road on Thursday evening 2nd December. Any party with a fair sprinkling of actors is bound to be good and this one was especially so. The spacious bookshop was packed and the wine and talk flowed. O'Brien's editor Hilary Hale made a beautiful speech in praise of the book and thanks was returned to everyone involved at Time Warner, Geoffrey Bailey and everyone at the bookshop for hosting the party and selling lots of copies and, most of all, to O'Brien's friends who had come to help celebrate and to help Every Step with its first steps into the world.

The book tour began with several radio interviews:

Tue 7 Dec 2004
BBC Radio Bristol10.30-11:00 LiveSusan Osman
BBC Radio Leeds11.30-12:00 LiveThe John Boyd Show
BBC Radio York14:00-The Jerry Scott Show
BBC Radio Jersey15:00-15.30 LiveThe Afternoon Show
Sun 12 Dec 2004
BBC Radio Kent15:00-16:00 Live"Music Room", with 10 of O'Brien's favourite pieces of music

… Added 7-Nov-2005

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